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AAWSG NEWS / Spring News Update

The Arab American Women Society of Georgia (AAWSG) is a unique organization where pioneer women, for over 35 years, taught us how to love and stitch together a life that celebrates two heritages and cultures.

From 1985 through 2005, AAWSG served the community with educational and charitable programs earning recognition and admiration within the Arab and American communities.  As its activities expanded, the need to have its own cultural center became a priority.  AAWSG and the Arab American Fund of Georgia (AAFG), a sister educational organization in Georgia, merged their efforts in rallying the community to establish an Arab cultural center in Atlanta, the ALIF Institute.  AAWSG volunteers, with their expertise in fundraising and organizing, played a crucial role in the founding of ALIF Institute.

As all efforts went to strengthening ALIF, many­ AAWSG programs became rooted at ALIF, while others continued to be organized by AAWSG. In 2021, members of the society expressed interest in increasing its activities as the young generation of Arab American women wanted their children to benefit from the guidance and support that AAWSG offers.

It took several meetings and thought-provoking discussions to figure out an optimal new structure for the society that enables it to carry out its activities without overlapping with those of ALIF.  The main goal was for the two organizations to strengthen and support each other.  On December 2, 2021, a new board was formed, and five committees were re-established with the objective of passing on a healthy organization to the younger generation.

The first important step that the board took was to establish a new and improved AAWSG website. We are extremely grateful to Solia Digital Media for designing and hosting the website.  The features are ambitious and allow for growth.  Please visit the newly published website at  We welcome your input and expertise as it will help us improve the user experience.


Programs that AAWSG organized this past quarter

Bullying in Schools: How to help our children work through it and succeed

A presentation by Ms. Laila Muhanna, MS, professional counselor, and psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner

On March 5, 2022, AAWSG held its first general assembly meeting. Nadine K. Araim, AAWSG Vice President, and Membership Committee Chair, welcomed the attendees and shared with them her vision for the society. She said that she continues to be inspired by the pioneering women of the society who knew how to instill heritage pride in younger generations of Arab Americans.  Nadine’s goal is to expand and enrich our group by reaching out to the next generations, “we cannot move forward without growth,” she added.

Ms. Farah Kashlan, Education Committee Co-Chair, introduced Ms. Laila Muhanna, professional counselor, and psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner. In her lecture, Ms. Muhanna stressed how bullying is affecting school children to an extent that sometimes a child insists on staying home to avoid being bullied.  She explained the reasons that lead to bullying and gave examples of the bullied child and the bully, highlighting the personalities of these two kinds of children.  Ms. Muhanna further added that adults are susceptible to bullying as well.  Bullying is manifested when an adult is forced to behave in a certain way, against his will, because of the oppressive insistence of a colleague, a boss, or a relative. Ms. Muhanna presented some solutions on how to deal with this serious problem.

Our grateful thanks are given to Ms. Laila Muhanna for donating her time and expertise to educate our members, and to Alif Institute for hosting our program.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

No matter how old one gets, even when one has children of her own, one still feels a certain need for a special kind of a comforting hand to rub her shoulders, gentle arms to embrace her, endless patience to listen to her little talks, and unconditional love to warm one’s heart.  Only a mother can do that.

Celebrating Mother’s Day, which falls on the 21st of March in many Arab countries, AAWSG held a luncheon at La Petite Violette restaurant to honor this occasion.

Mrs. Ghada Muhanna, AAWSG President, welcomed the members and their guests and shared heart-warming words about mothers.  She spoke briefly about the ongoing plans to expand the activities of the society with the objective of passing on a healthy organization to a younger generation of Arab American women.

Mrs. Muhanna invited Mrs. Angela A. Khoury, Chair of the Alif Institute Board of Directors, to share with the guests the upcoming events at Alif Institute.  Alif Institute is organizing a Ramadan Iftar and Lent Dinner Under the Stars on April 8, 2022.

Many attendees renewed their membership or became members for the first time. The newly designed AAWSG website is now ready to accept those who would like to join the society and pay the membership fees online. Please visit for more information.

It was heartwarming to gather on this very special day.!

Programs that AAWSG participates in on an annual basis

 Making Stride Against Breast Cancer Walk

On October 23, 2021, AAWSG members participated in this annual charitable walk to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.  AAWSG raised nearly $1200 for this noble cause.

Winter Wonderland: Celebrations & Traditions Around the World

AAWSG and in collaboration with Alif Institute set up two cultural exhibits at this annual event organized by the Fernbank Museum, November 20, 2021 – January 9, 2022.

Upcoming Program

 Book Discussion

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Join us for a lively discussion of the book “Adrift” by Amin Malouf.